Beautiful citron green sea glass pieces are set in these sterling earrings. Each earring setting is custom made for each piece of sea glass. This involves multiple stages and various silversmithing tools as I fabricate each earring.


Both of these pieces of sea glass were found on a beach in Cape Town, South Africa when I had a trip visiting my family there. The glass in these earrings is most likely to have been from white wine bottles as the Western Cape is world renown for its amazing wines. People often head to the beaches to watch the sunset and sometimes these bottles get broken. After many years of being tumbled by the waves it gets transformed into lovely frosted and rounded pieces of sea glass. The zig zag pattern ear wire is also handmade in sterling silver wire. The hanging length of the earring is 1 1/2 inches (3.8cm).


If you like this design of earring and would like me to make this style of earring with your own found pieces of sea glass, just email me and let's get started. I love doing custom or bespoke jewelry orders.


This pair of earrings will be tastefully packaged in a gift box and tied with an organza ribbon.





Citron green sea glass earrings

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