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This is a gift certificate that can be used in person or online in my webshop. It will have a customer specific code that will be emailed to the purchaser which can then be shared to the giftee. The gift certificate will be valid for the amount purchased and will be a one time use code. Please make sure you have submitted an email address that you use frequently as this is the one that I will send your gift code to. Please also let me know on the order form either the first or last name of the person for whom you are purchasing the gift certificate as I will use this when I generate a customer specific gift certificate code.


If you are a Washington state customer, you will be charged an additional $9.30 sales tax.  This means that the giftee of the gift certificate will be able to spend the total of what you have given them and then not have to pay additional sales tax.


Please also note that gift certificates subsequently redeemed online will be subject to a shipping charge ($9.50) which the recipient will be responsible for when placing their order. Orders local to the Olympia area can opt to do a studio pick up or shop with me when I'm at The Olympia Farmers Market to avoid the additional shipping charge.


Gift Certificate

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