This shard of china is genuine Ming china that was found in a shipwreck off the coast of Malaysia near Singapore. Pieces of this Ming china were given to me by a friend who had scuba dived the Portuguese shipwreck. My educated guess based on when the Portuguese were in the spice, tea and silk trading business, that this Ming china is probably at least 350-450 years old. Here's an article on its origins.


This pendant has only sterling silver components and there is only one of this style pendant in my inventory with its specific pattern and artistic setting. I set this pendant using a sterling silver bezel strip for the setting around the china and it is on a sterling silver backing. Making this pendant involved torch soldering in multiple stages as each joint was soldered. Becasue the shard of china had a design on both sides, I capitalized on this and sawed out the back to make it more versatile as a reversible pendant. Due to the fact that both sides of this pendant are viewed separately when worn, I have not numbered or signed this pendant, but it was the twenty eightth item of jewelry that I created with this rare and hard to come by china. If you would like me to place the number 28 on it, please request this on the order and I'll add it in an inconspicious place on the pendant.


The actual pendant measures 1 1/2  by 7/8 inches or 3.8 cm by 2.2 cm. It comes with a sterling silver box chain that is 18 inches or 46 cm long. (If you would prefer a 16, 20 or 24 inch chain, please let me know on the check out page.)


This pendant will be tastefully gift wrapped in a box with a ribbon.


These earrings are also made with the same shard of Ming china







Ming China Pendant - no.28

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