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Do you do custom work?

Yes, I love doing custom work. I have created jewelry with people's own sea glass or pebbles that they have found or I have worked with people who wanted a certain color pendant or earrings. I often create pieces with a customer's own china which has sentimental value for them after it has been broken. Alternatively, if you are wanting a bracelet in different colors or a bigger size, this is also possible. Rings are another item that can be commissioned, it could be one of the patterned rings that I offer, a ring with a stamped word or name, or a sea glass ring with a piece of sea glass that you have personally found. I also have sterling silver discs that can be stamped with initials, your own or your children's initials and these can be added to all of my pendant designs. I have recently been doing some custom work converting people's inherited jewelry and making the gemstone into a new setting and item of jewelry that is more suited to the person.


If you are wanting to commission me to make something for you, let’s meet if you are local to the Olympia, Washington area. If you are not local, let's chat via email or phone to figure out what you are wanting. Sometimes my customers have better ideas than me too! If you want a standard design, ship the item to me and I’ll take it from there with design options that you can choose from. The pricing that you see on most of my basic designs will apply to the style of jewelry that you choose, with rings being the exception (there is an additional $7 for these due to creating a custom size). I look forward to hearing from you.

How do you ship and will it be gift wrapped?


For U.S. orders, I use USPS Priority Mail. This is a standard price and I add a marginal amount to cover bubble wrap packaging in order to ensure the safety of the jewelry inside. It comes with a tracking number, which I then send to you via email and it is also insured. The shipping and handling fee is $10.50.


Each piece of jewelry will be packaged in a gift box and tied with a ribbon. At Christmas time. this will be tastefully Christmas themed.

If you live locally in the greater Olympia area and want to save on shipping and pick up your purchase from my studio, there is an option at checkout for this. Just choose the "studio pick up" option.


Do you ship internationally?


Yes! I ship First Class Mail. You will be charged whatever is the going rate plus some handling fees. The shipping fee is currently $20. Please note that your gift will be in an envelope with bubble wrap and the same gift box that I use for US orders. I also have to fill out a customs form with specific details of the product and its value. You will be responsible for any customs duties or taxes on your purchased item. Insurance will be extra if you specifically want it insured. My general experience is that shipping to most countries is safe, but some countries take a bit longer because it gets slowed down in customs. This depends entirely on the country you reside in.

Can gifts be ordered and shipped to the recipient?

Absolutely. If you add a note on the order that you'd like it shipped to a different address I will mail the item of jewelry to that address. You will already have been given an invoice via email. If you'd like to add a special note too, I'd be happy to print one up for you to include in your gift.

What is your return policy?


If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase and you return your item within 30 days of purchase, a full refund will be given. International orders have a 60 day return window.


Is there a workmanship guarantee?

If you feel an item is defective and has broken when it shouldn't have done so, please email me and then mail it back to me for a complimentary repair. Bear in mind if something has been loved, been worn a lot or has had an undue force applied to cause it to break this is not a complimentary repair. I'm happy to repair it, but there will be a repair charge.

What type of payment do you take?

As you check out, a payment button with "Paypal" will be visible, this does not mean that you have to have to have Paypal. It's just that Paypal handles the transaction and all major credit cards are accepted via them.

Do you wholesale?

Yes, I do have wholesale pricing. If you are interested in finding out more about these prices, please email me.

How do I clean my "Andi Clarke Jewelry"?

Head to this YouTube video that I made to help you clean your jewelry that does not have a patina.

And this YouTube video helps you know how to clean my jewelry designs that may have a patina like any of my nature jewelry designs or items that have patina added to enhance the detail of the design.

Where else can I find your work?


The following local business has a range of my work

- Childhood's End Gallery, Olympia, WA

- I am a vendor at The Olympia Farmers Market, but attend randomly so please follow me on Facebook or Instagram to find out when I'm going to be at the Market. I update my website regularly so that's always the best way to purchase my work.

Occasionally I go on vacation and you won't be able to find my "shop" button on my website. My sincere apologies if this happens, but head to the above art gallery where you can also find my work and show them some "shop local" love.

How do you price your work?

Lots of factors are involved in pricing. Labor and the price of silver affect the prices of my jewelry and I feel that I need to be remunerated a fair wage for my art jewelry and it takes time to create jewelry that someone loves wearing. The price of silver fluctuates with the stock exchange and this is based on current market trends. I also use quite a few items that I consider to be consumables such as sand paper, butane for soldering or drill bits. Expensive tools need to be purchased or replaced too occasionally.

I also do my own photography, website updates and social media. I don't factor these in to the prices of each item of jewelry, although I probably should.

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