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Meet the artist


Andi Clarke lives in Olympia, Washington state, where she loves being in nature. It is very common for her to be obsessively hunting down the perfect piece of sea glass or shell on a beach that could be used in one of her jewelry designs. When on walks in the forest near her home, she is always looking at the plants to see if they'd make beautiful additions to her fine silver botanical jewelry range. She also scours antique shops for vintage china that has been damaged or chipped and she is well-known among her friends for taking their pieces of broken china and recreating them into unique jewelry. Andi also has a range of freshwater pearl jewelry that is perfect for women of all ages and for a variety of gift giving opportunities. This jewelry is also perfect for bridal jewelry and weddings.


A lot of her work is unique because sea glass and the way china is broken into pieces is not easily reproduced. If you purchase one of Andi's designs you are assured that it will be as unique as you are.

You will also find a blog on this website written by Andi. Because she travels quite a bit to find sea glass, she often has travel blogs featuring these locations. Additionally she lives in Washington state which is visited by people from all over the world. Some of her blogs feature scenery from this region. Being an avid jewelry maker, you can also find blogs related to jewelry making and other crafts too.

In her spare time, Andi enjoys rock climbing, hiking, photography, paddle boarding and kayaking with her husband and two daughters. She also maintains a flourishing garden and is active in her community. 

Andi is a vendor at The Olympia Farmers Market where she attends fairly regularly. Visiting her booth at the Market is the best way to see all her designs at a quick glance. She uses her social media to announce her Market days each week. 

You can connect with her on Facebook and Instagram where you can find her as "Andi Clarke Jewelry"

Since Andi is the sole owner and artist for her jewelry range, you will occasionally see that her shop is not visible. This is probably because she is on vacation. Please check back after a while or make sure you've followed her on Facebook or Instagram as that's where she will announce that it's reopened.

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