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Beautiful cobalt blue sea glass pieces are set in these sterling silver earrings and each earring setting is custom made for each piece of sea glass.


The pieces of sea glass in these earrings was gifted to me by one of my Olympia Farmers Market customers who used to live near a really good sea glass beach in California.  Cobalt blue is considered a rare color of sea glass nowadays as its getting really hard to find it on beaches.


The settings have been silversmithed and set by me using a torch and multiple other silversmithing tools, techniques and skills which I have learned over the years of jewelry making. 


Both of the earwires are also handmade with sterling silver wire. The hanging length of the earrings is 1 inch (3cm).


If you like this design of earring and would like me to make this style of earring with your own found pieces of sea glass, just email me and let's get started. I love doing custom or bespoke jewelry orders.


This pair of earrings will be tastefully packaged in a gift box and tied with an organza ribbon.





Cobalt Blue Sea Glass Earrings

  • If you are not happy with your purchase please return it within 30 days (US orders) or 60 days (international orders) for a full refund.

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