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Freshwater pearl necklace with sterling silver box chain and topped out with a sterling silver spacer bead and clear Swarovski bead. The chain measures 18 inches (45cm) but you can order this with a 16 inch chain instead (40cm) just make sure to include that detail on the order form. This pendant can be worn by women of all ages and it would be particulary appropriate for all members of the bridal party and it would make an amazing bridesmaid gift.


This necklace will be tastefully packaged in a gift box with an organza ribbon.


This pair of earrings matches this pendant beautifully as it features the same shape pearl, just a smalleropne.

Pearl drop necklace

  • If  you are not happy with your purchase, please return it within 30 days (US orders) or 60 days (international orders) fr a full refund.

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