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Broken china drop earrings with blue and white flowers and handmade sterling silver ear wires. These custom sterling silver bezel settings have china that is upcycled into jewelry by me. 


I love creating things out of items that no one thinks are beautiful anymore, like this broken china pendant. This Royal Doulton china with Cranbourne design was my parents china tea set and Mom had used the saucers to mix her watercolor paints on it. (You can tell art runs in the family). Given the fact that there were microscratches on the only white part of the saucer or cake side plate, the water colors stained the china. Thankfully for me the pretty pattern was on the edge of the saucer and not marred at all and so I was able to use them when Mom wanted to get rid of them.


This pair of earrings features small blue and white leaves and flowers. There is only one of these pairs of earrings due to the way the china was broken and rounded out in the grinding process. 


 Their hanging length 1 1/2 inches or 4 cm. 


This pair of earrings will be tastefully gift wrapped in a box with a ribbon.


This pendant matches the china of these earrings. It is pictured in one of the photos of this listing.


If you have china that you would love made into similar earrings, I always accept custom work. In fact I love working with people's own china because it usually has special memories and sentiments associated with it. I've even done entire sets for all the ladies in a family who treasure and love wearing Grandma's china. Just email me if you are interested in this. The pricing is the same as this listing.










Broken China Drop Earrings

  • If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, please return it within 30 days for a full refund (US Orders), and within 60 days (international orders). You will need to cover the return shipping.

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