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My favorite flower quotes - part 2

flower quotes

If you have followed me on Instagram or have liked my Facebook business page you will know that I love nature, but I particularly love flowers. I have grown quite a few of the flowers in our garden from seed too and I love taking photos of these when they are blooming.

My love of flowers inspires my broken china jewelry range which quite often has floral designs on it, You can see this range here.

broken china jewelry, broken china bracelet, vintage china

Sterling silver and broken Limoges china bracelet.

broken china earrings

The same Limoges china, but as earrings.

So since it's currently summer and lots is blooming, I thought I'd share some of these photos of mine and I've added some of my favorite flower quotes to each photo. I hope that you enjoy them. Feel free to share them with your friends.

inspirational flower quotes

inspirational flower quotes

Robin Williams spring quote

Love and flower quote

Flower quote

Inspirational flower quote protea

Earlier this year I visited our local tulip fields in Skagit Valley, Washington State. The tulips were incredible! If you want to read that blog post, click here.

This is the second blog post that I've done with my own photos and inspirational flower quotes, Here's that blog post if you want to see those.

I often share photos of flowers and scenery of nature on my Instagram so if you want to follow me I'm @andiclarkejewelry.

inspirational quotes, flower quotes

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