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My favorite flower quotes

I make no excuses for the fact that I love flowers and plants, but I have a special fondness for flowers. I grow them in our garden, I love taking photos of them when I'm out and about, seeing wild flowers in our gorgeous state, Washington and visiting botanical gardens or arboretums. I even wrote a blog post about our local tulip fields in the spring time. You can read it here.

This love of flowers also translates into my work as I make jewelry with broken and chipped china which often has beautiful florals in the china patterns. See my work here.

broken china sterling silver, pearl and gemstone bracelet

Here's a broken china bracelet with china that I found at an antique store that no one wanted as it was chipped. Don't you love the flowers in it?

A lot of my jewelry is nature inspired so I take a lot of photos of beaches that I find pebble and sea glass on and I also take lots of photos of flowers and share them with my followers on Instagram and my Facebook page. I thought that I'd combine my own photos with some of my favorite flower quotes. These photos are mostly spring blooms and I've tried to give credit to the the original author of the quote.

If you have enjoyed these photos and quotes feel free to share them with your friends. Beauty like this is meant to be shared.

Also, if you are interested in following my nature inspired feed on Instagram, I'm @andiclarkejewelry on IG, and my Facebook page is Andi Clarke Jewelry.

Inspirational Flower Quotes

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